Ready to Enhance Your Relationship?

5 HUGE Marriage Tips

Almost all the tips featured in this Ebook come from amazing friends who have been married much longer than Adam and I and have helped us through some big marital struggles in our first year of marriage. 

Tons of Printouts

Each chapter has several printouts that will help you successfuly implement each marriage tip! There's everything from free planners to communication models.

Battle Bible Verses

There are several gorgeous Bible verse printouts that apply to each chapter. These are great to hang somewhere where you will see them often so you can constantly be washing yourself with the word.

About the author

Amanda Frittz

Hey Friend! My name is Amanda and I run the blog The goal of this blog is to encourage women in their God-given roles! I've found such sweeter blessings in submitting to the word of God than I ever did trying to build my own kingdom. That being said, I want to help show women that the most fulfilling thing we can do is what God has designed us to do. I hope you find this book to be an encouragement and a huge help to your marriage and day to day life!